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Vyvo is a Company founded in 2019 by young and creative entrepreneurs
with more than ten years of experience and successful track records
in the fields of Technology and Network Marketing.

Born with a strong technological identity, Vyvo is positioning itself at the forefront of a new booming market:


In fact, in the past years, we have seen a digitalization of almost everything; however, the Health industry is still tied to the past.
And Vyvo, with its breakthrough technology, is going to revolutionize this sector.
The Digital Health Industry is not only going to revolutionize the way people manage their health, but it will also create a brand-new economy, called the Digital Health Economy.
In this entire ecosystem, a brand new financial stream will be generated around the communities and parties participating in this economy.

Mission & Vision

#WhatWeDo - WhereWeGo


A community of people able to leverage technology to live in health and prosperity.

A new Market:
The Digital Health Industry

Vyvo is at the forefront of the Digital Health revolution
At the center of this concept are people’s health, life, and wellbeing. And Vyvo launches the first Digital Health Profile that will become a central and pivotal point in daily life in the very near future, able to help people and doctors manage, treat, improve, and safeguard people’s health

A new Opportunity:
The Digital Health Sharing Economy

For the first time, an incredible revolution in the industry, the digitalization of health and wellness, and now it will not just be another business move for a Tech Giant.
With Vyvo, it will generate a shared economy where everybody can participate.

Every member that participates in the project, by simply taking care of their health and that of their loved ones with our platform, will receive the chance to contribute to the global mission of creating the largest Health and Wellness Big Data A.I. platform completely based and secured on Blockchain technology. For doing that, they will also share in the economic benefits coming from the values of Big Data and the company’s global sales.