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VYVO™ is a Company founded in 2019 by young, creative and experienced entrepreneurs with more than ten years of experience and successful track records in the fields of Technology and Network Marketing.

Born with a strong technological identity, VYVO™ is positioning itself in a new market area: Technology applied to personalized health and wellness. In this area, VYVO™ is focused on developing consumer-oriented products that protect, monitor and empower people to improve their health through daily knowledge and informed choices.

We are creating customized solutions to help each individual manage their most important asset: Their life. Furthermore, this technological and product mission perfectly matches the Network Marketing soul of the company, expanding the concepts of personal growth and development, not only focusing on health but also on prosperity and economic well-being.

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VYVO™ creates innovative technologies to improve people’s lives.

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Become one of the most innovative and influent technology Company in the World, in the next 5 years.

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This tag line describes the values, soul, and culture of the Company’s worldwide family.

VYVO™ elevates a person to a status of “Human 2.0.” These individuals acquire a new dimension: They use technological innovations to manage their own health and economic well-being, through a compelling value proposition and a unique business model.

VYVO™ changes the lives of everyone involved in our movement: to a more wonderful life.

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At VYVO™ we support and empower people to follow and express their passions, doing things that can make their lives and those of their loved ones more wonderful. We encourage them to engage with their goals with a resilient attitude, always moving forward, overcoming their obstacles and self-imposed limitations. We help people achieve their most desirable dreams while they are living better lives and empowering others across the world to change and live more abundant lives.

Our focus is to empower humanity through our products, our culture, and our values.

VYVO™ Empowering Humanity

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Create well-being for the VYVO™ community by offering new personal and professional opportunities. Upholding respect within the communities in which we operate, safeguarding their traditions by trying to bring them progress and long-term benefits. We contribute to the creation of economic well-being and give back to society through solidarity initiatives, humanitarian and charitable projects, and in strategic partnerships with NGOs.

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We give to the economy a new kind of growth, where the barriers between the business and the customers are completely broken: the customer referral program. The customer is not anymore just a passive target, but they become an actor of the growth in promoting, distributing and sharing the economic benefits.
We empower everybody to be part of this economic revolution with a genuinely global business model with no big investments, no need to manage a big stock of products because it’s all done from within the company with this powerful business platform, replicated websites and replicated stores.

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At VYVO™, we believe that tech is a source of wealth for humanity and its future. Technological Innovation is the core value that has inspired our mission and vision and moved forward all our goals. Technology has drastically changed the lives of the entire humanity in just the last few decades. With these multiple revolutionary changes, we aim to support the continuation of this progressive evolution with new ideas and constant investment in Research and Development.

Our tech products give direct benefits to each user. We are creating a tangible benefit to humanity, one person at a time. In fact, the data that we collect (which is unique in the world for quality, diversity and a significant global scope, all the while giving total respect for the privacy of users) can become an extraordinary source of study and information to serve the increasingly ambitious challenges and objectives of the technology revolution which will benefit the whole humanity.

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VYVO™ employs the brightest minds, the best professionals and highly-motivated personnel to drive its business forward with excellence and creating sustainable and valuable opportunities worldwide.

The Company is committed to developing a rigorous protocol of concepts, methods, and techniques to assure continuous quality improvement for all the different company sectors and departments. In order to achieve this mandatory excellence objective, the management has put in place several processes and procedures that involve executives and staff at every level of the Company. This insures the engagement of everyone in VYVO’s Excellence Journey.

As a member of the VYVO™ family, whether you are engaged as an Independent Distributor or an Employee in any company department, we ask you to always deliver your work with the highest standards of quality. This does not only mean to deliver a job correctly and in the proper timing, but to take pride in your work and follow it through as the completion of an outstanding job. This will assure that all VYVO™ responsibilities will be performed according to the best professional practices of uncompromising standards of excellence.

As a member of the VYVO™ family, we invite you to always give premium levels of excellence in everything you do.