Vyvo is at the forefront of the Next Big Thing:
The Digital Health Sharing Economy.

Being part of the Vyvo community means having the chance
of taking a slice of this new booming Economy

The first PayPlan developed on

Blockchain Smart Contracts


Referral Program

The Referral Program is the perfect opportunity for those who love Vyvo products and are happy to share and promote their experience with others.
Today, that activity is no longer limited to only friends and family anymore. With the power of the Internet and digital marketing, we can see how many people are becoming an influence (influencers) and create a significant following effect that can even become their main business.

At Vyvo, every Customer has a referral link “username.vyvo.com” to make referrals for new sales.

And one of the best parts is that you don’t need to worry about anything. Vyvo takes care of the entire Order Fulfillment, from Payment to Drop Shipping at the new user’s door!

Bonuses within this program:

Referral Bonus


Network Program

You love Vyvo Products and love the idea of this opportunity, but you prefer a Team Management work style rather than relying only on a personal effort on sales referral. In that case, Vyvo has a fantastic opportunity to let you play an active role in the company’s worldwide expansion: the Vyvo Network Program.

In this program, the main goal is to create a team and help them launch and grow their business: exactly how your sponsor will do with you!

An easy training system, the VyvoSmart Academy, will help all community members succeed in this goal!

Bonuses within this program:

Team Volume Commission

Money Box Commission

Career Plan

Generation Matching Bonus


Token Reward Program

VYVO token reward program

Building Humans 2.0 is the great mission of Vyvo: create a community of people able to leverage technology to live in good health and prosperity.
The key to achieving this goal is creating the most comprehensive and most diverse Big Data health discovery platform: a huge value for the worldwide health, wellness, and science community!

People from every corner of the globe can participate in this movement, The Smart Generation, creating a personal Digital Health profile, using Vyvo devices, and promoting their diffusion with others.

Because of the crowdsourcing concept, Vyvo has created the VyvoToken and this Opportunity Program in order to reward all contributors in this incredible mission, both in the anonymized data production and enlarging of the devices’ infrastructure.

Finally, with VyvoPay, these token rewards become easy to use and spend with vendors and shops around the world thanks to the Mastercard circuit.

Bonuses within this program:

Data Token Reward

Team Volume Token Reward

Token CashBack Reward

Token Rank Reward

Sharing Economy Pool Reward


Lifestyle Reward Program

Once your Vyvo Journey takes you through a few milestones, you can begin taking advantage of the many benefits reserved for our community members.

Explore the wonderful and vast world of the Vyvo Lifestyle. This program’s cherished and desirable benefits can take you to dreamy destinations, luxurious rewards, and even further your business with bonus reserved for your leading efforts.

Bonuses within this program:

Lifestyle Expenses Reward

Diamond Holiday Reward

Millionaire Club Reward

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