Listen to your body’s voice.

Every step, every breath, every heartbeat, all of these are biometrics.

These are incredible sources of data that let you truly understand and grasp the state of our life and wellness.


Equipped with State-of-the-Arts technology, like high-performance ECG chips from Texas Instruments that accurately collect original Heart Signals and enable Cardio-learn, through neural network algorithms. All in a stylishly designed band, with a color screen to highlight and engage you with everything you need to know.

Sense is a perfect companion for all your daily activities.

Oracle A.I.

Working with our Oracle A.I.™ analysis and Vyvo™ Smart Platform with all of your biometrics, activity tracking, fitness, sleep, and other data become part of the most comprehensive Health and Wellness solutions. Actionable plans, nutritional insights, Tailor Made supplements NutraPak™ and more in-depth analysis; you will truly know what steps to take and heights to reach to improve and maintain your quality of life.

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Below a comparison table with of each of our Vyvo™ Devices and their features.

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