Vista+ is the new Vyvo Smartwatch born from the desire to combine all the best features in the first generation of Vyvo devices into one. Following the philosophy to maximize effectiveness and simplicity, Vista+ represents a significantly elevated vision of what a personal monitoring device must accomplish.

If something requires your attention, Vista+ will notify you. With Smart Alert functions and Vibration/LED for Guardian Alert, Events, Alarm, Medicine Alert, and other Customizable Alerts, you can be on top of your daily health, while hardly noticing it. Maximum simplicity and effective results arethe purposes of Vista+.

Cutting-edge new sets of Clinical-Grade Sensors that are capableof conducting ECGs. These High-Frequency Sensors allow the new smartwatch to receive precise PPGs, which it then takes the high-quality and accuracy of the measurements to a whole new level. Vista+ empowers you to continuously monitor your most important vital signs and parameters, in real-time.


Wearing Vista+ every day allows you to have a seamless and continuous monitor, that records and analyzes resting and exercising Heart Rates, Blood Pressure Estimation, Breath Rates, and Energy Levels.


Vista+ uses a high-performance ECG chip technology which accurately collects original Heart signals that enable Cardio-Learn, a neural network algorithm. A.I. analysis is able to detect 5 different types of arrhythmia.

Continuous Atrial
Fibrillation Detection

Vista+ uses PPG technology with high-frequency sampling to collect an accurate pulse waveform, which then is subject to detailed data analysis and processing using medical algorithms to identify potential atrial fibrillations.

Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor & HRV Analysis

Indicates your heart rate range and fatigue status, and detects critical abnormalities:
• Real-time dynamic and continuous heart rate with atrial fibrillation detection;
• Heart rate zones.

Bian Que’s Pulse
Wave Diagnostic

Check the status of your organs continuously and understand the actions to take to improve your daily lifestyle.

*The Pulse Wave Analysis function is only available by using an Android OS device.

24/7 Biometrics

Vista+ can continuously and seamlessly monitor your Biometrics around the clock, 24 hours a day. With real-time transmission of recording and advanced algorithms to clean your heart rate signal and analyze your data continuously, you can rest comfortably knowing that all your vitals are being analyzed and stored safely.

Mood & Energy

Vista+ monitors your Energy Level and disposition by analyzing your Stress and Mood levels.

Air Quality

Vista+ utilizes a superb network of public air quality sensors along with Artificial Intelligence Analysis to inform you of the Air Quality Index (AQI) of your surrounding environment.

Protecting your long-term health and decreasing your risk of lung and heart disease is made easier when you can reduce your exposure to Poor Air Quality.


Vista+ accurately tracks all-day parameter and activities like steps, calories burned and standing time, and the vibration alert motivates you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.

+17 Exercise

To use according to different goals and measurements. You can set it to Swimming, Running, and many other modes to see real-time stats while you exercise. With Smart-Track, it detects what activity you are performing.

7 Running

Freestyle, distance mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance and CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test).


The screen lights up in rhythm and cadence with your pace, and the color display will change based on your heart rate value. Make your running safer, interactive, and definitely more fun.

Scientific Assessment
of Sleep Quality Analysis

Vista­+ can track time in light, deep and waking stages of sleep, giving you further insight about your sleep quality, which affects your overall health.



Record and track your activity without
a phone connection.


With waterproof IP68 (50m), you can wear your device and swim whether you are in a pool or open water.

The water resistance performance of the device is not permanently valid; it may diminish as time passes. The device can be used during washing hands, rain or swimming in shallow water, but not support for hot water showers, diving, surfing, etc.

10+ Days
Battery Life

• Activity tracking mode: 10+ days tracking;
• GPS mode: up to 10 hours;
• Full recharge in 120 Minutes;

Smart Alert
& Guardian

Help Vibration alerts notify you of running prompts, activity tracking milestones, and various smart notifications, like a reminder to take your supplements or medication. Smart Warning alerts you with a vibration when your bio-parameters: HR, BP are out of range.

Vyvo secures data
using Blockchain

Today you can have your Healthcare Archive of your personal data.
Vista+ generates and collects your daily Data-Blocks every time you wear the watch on your wrist. Your healthcare archive enters a secure circuit that protects your privacy.

Your secured Blockchain data forms part of creating the first worldwide Blockchain Health Platform for anonymized health data exchange in the Healthcare and Medical research sector.

A new symbol for a
revolutionary new service:

Vista+ is equipped with an NFC contactless payment capability to easily pay at any Wireless Point of Sale. Easy, Fast, Secure, and convenient, you can leave your wallet or cards at home and still be able to make payments when you need to go into a shop.

VISTA+ Brochure


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