Vyvo wins 2 Platinum
and 2 Gold Marchon Awards 2020

Santa Clara, California, USA – November 13th, 2020

Vyvo Inc. announced today that MarCom Awards had awarded Vyvo with a Platinum Award for its Vyvo LifeWatch 2 in design packaging, another Platinum for its Product Launch, a Gold for its Digital Media Web Videos, and finally another Gold for Digital Social Media Content for Vyvo Smart / NutraPak.

VYVO MARCOM awards gold platinum
Vyvo LifeWatch 2

Strategic Communications | Marketing/Promotion Campaign | Product Launch
Print Media | Design (Print) | Packaging
Digital Media | Web Video | Self Promotion

VYVO MARCOM awards gold
Vyvo Smart / NutraPak

Digital Media | Social Media | Social Content

VYVO Marcom awards
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“It feels extremely validating to keep seeing the recognition our team keeps earning with their hard work. Beyond an honor, it is truly a testament to just the level of commitment we have to create a message and a platform to help make life truly wonderful for people everywhere. The recognition of the industry and peers makes us feel invigorated,” said Fabio Galdi, CEO of Vyvo. “We can see the impact of our efforts has been felt and heard and pushes us forward to overcome all the challenges in today’s world. We continue creating new roads towards success and bringing the Digital Health Sharing Economy’s power to our incredible members from all over the globe.”

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