Pay freely.

VyvoPay is the new Vyvo service created to expand your freedom and convenience to spend on the things you love around the world with peace of mind. VyvoPay is accepted in 200+ Countries and territories thanks to MasterCard’s Digital Enablement Service, practically anywhere with an NFC contactless terminal.

Highly secure.

The VyvoPay service is fast, easy, and secure, thanks to MasterCard’s Digital Enablement Service.

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VyvoPay also features a lock and unlock function on the VyvoSmart App. So, you can rest easy knowing no one can pay with your device if you lose it or leave it behind.

VyvoPay Card.

VyvoPay Card is the card associated with the Vyvo reward program. It represents the standard and most popular method to freely manage your payments through ATMs and NFC Terminals around the world within the Master Card network.

VyvoPay Strap.

With the VyvoPay Strap, you can now effortlessly pay at any NFC POS around the world using VyvoPay technology.

Equip your Vyvo smartwatches with an NFC contactless payment capability to seamlessly pay at any Wireless Point of Sale.

It’s quick, simple, and most importantly, it’s secure and convenient, freeing you from carrying your wallet or cards to make payments when you are out and about, whether you are shopping or commuting.

Just tap and pay!

Make your Vyvo Watch even smarter with the VyvoPay Strap and conveniently pay at any place that accepts contactless payments just by holding your device close to the NFC Terminal. VyvoPay Straps does not need any power or battery, and they can work independently from your smartphone.

Pay at transit stations.

Just pay on the go at your daily Metro or Subway. Paying with your VyvoPay Strap is fast, convenient, and highly secure.

Your back up money!

Forgot your phone or wallet? No need to fret! Now you can have back up money on your wrist, readily available virtually at any time.

Safety first: lock and unlock.

Including the security measures required by MasterCard’s Digital Enablement Service and its safety features, along with proximity requirements to the payment terminals. The VyvoPay Strap also features a lock and unlock function on the VyvoSmart App. So, you can rest easy knowing no one can pay with your device if you lose or leave it behind.

Main features:

Contactless payment
You don’t need to count coins or pull out your bulky wallet to pay anymore.

Fast replacement
This interchangeable strap is compatible with all Vyvo Watches. Easily swap your watch’s strap with the VyvoPay Strap – no tools required.

So you can even make payments if you forgot to charge your Vyvo Watch.

The VyvoPay strap is not afraid of water.

Sized to fit all
The VyvoPay strap is available in two sizes to fit any wrist, and to be used with any of our Vyvo Watches.

Simple setup
Simply set up your strap with the VyvoWallet and transfer your money.

First setup. All you have to do is access VyvoWallet Portal, follow a few simple steps to configure your strap, and start enjoying the freedom provided by your VyvoPay Strap.

To use your VyvoPay strap, you need to activate and set up your VyvoPay account. You can completely manage all your account settings within the VyvoWallet platform.


How to use.
Pay virtually anywhere a contactless payment terminal is available.

To pay, you just have the VyvoPay Strap equipped, and hold it close over the contactless payment terminal when prompted to pay (sensor tag side towards the terminal) until you receive confirmation from the terminal.

Expand the potential of your Vyvo Watch, thanks to the VyvoPay Strap, and start living with the most advanced payment technology Vyvo has to offer.