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Personalized Health and Wellness Plan continuously improved, updated and optimized for you to become the best you.

VYVO™ Smart impacts your Health and Longevity

• Helps lower risk of developing chronic diseases.
• Increases levels of energy, vitality, productivity, and focus.
• Recommends nutritional plans and suggestions to optimize the absorption of essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins.
• Helps make changes to bad habits and lead better lifestyles.
• Improves the quality of sleep and recovery.
• Regulates accelerated aging, improving quality of life and looking and feeling younger.

The solution lies in treating everybody as a unique individual.

Embracing the right nutritional choices, healthier behaviors, physical activity, as well as abandoning bad habits, will increase your chances to prevent or reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Generic nutritional solutions work on less than 25% of consumers, with the results progressively decreasing in effectiveness and most having only cosmetic and superficial improvements.

So why should we roll the dice and try a generic solution?

With VYVO™ Smart, you know you are receiving a solution with reports, plans, and supplements that are based on exactly what makes you so unique.

Because one size does not fit all.

How it works?

Through these 3 main paths, our Artificial Intelligence is able to generate a personalized and tailor-made solution to improve and maintain your quality of life.

1. Technology
Monitor and collect your vital signs with the most advanced wearable technology. With VYVO™ Technology your wellness is at your reach.

2. Genomics
With genomics data recording and analysis, you have a more thorough understanding of your body’s needs with VYVO™ A.I.’s insights and precision personalization.

3. Assessment
Begin your smart journey with a VYVO™ Smart Box and complete your Health Assessment questionnaire, which functions as a baseline for your health and wellness.

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Our Oracle A.I.™ uses a comprehensive approach to analyze your data, and every 30 days brings you two increasingly effective solutions:

1. Oracle A.I.™

A highly personalized report concerning your cardiovascular status, possible sleep disorders, and activities status. Derived from your continuous data, the report also grants you a 30-day Health and Wellness Action Plan with valuable indications and tips on how to improve and maintain your body.

A personalized report to follow every
day to improve yourself.

2. Nutrapak™

Thanks to our technological platform, we have been able to create a unique, science-backed wellness program that offers you a personalized vitamin and nutrient recommendation as well as Nutritional Supplement that takes every factor of your data into consideration in its formulation. You now have a tailor–made supplement that is made to your body’s specific needs.

Nothing more, nothing less.


How to access?

The subscription base model is the future of your personal care.
Through this model you can choose what services you really need and participate in the VYVO™ Smart Platform.

The VYVO™ Smart Box is the access point of your journey within our platform.

The Smart Box includes the following essential elements:

NutraPak™ Experience
Allows you to experience and try out the splendid power of this Supplement in a base standard and energetic formulation, before receiving your fully personalized supplement.

DNA Collection Sample Kit
The essentials required to collect and analyze your DNA and start experiencing the valuable information in your genes and genomics analysis.

Your Personal Assessment
A simple and easy assessment for you to fill out, used as a baseline to update your personalized profile within the VYVO™ Smart Portal to start receiving your personalized Report and Supplement.

1-MONTH Loyalty Pro Subscription
Grants you the first month the Oracle A.I.™ Report and personalized NutraPak™.

Live your best life with your Loyalty Pro Subscription and its fantastic services:

LifeLog is your measurements secure cloud, to manage and access daily, weekly, and monthly reports from the Apps and VYVO™ Smart Portal.
Your Bio-parameters always at your reach to allow you really to take care better care of your health and wellness.

Thanks to the Protection Plan, you can request the replacement of your band devices once a year.
Your device is safe forever.

Oracle A.I.™ Report, generated from our Oracle A.I.™ containing your personalized Health and Wellness actionable plans and helps you Disease Risk Prevention.

NutraPak™ gives your body the best possible nutrition.
Your supplements, tailor-made to your exact needs, directly to your home every month.

Join the exclusive VYVO™ Loyalty Program to start accruing Loyalty Points every month and take advantage of all the special offers and dedicated products made available to you on the VYVO™ Loyalty Store.

A world of benefits waiting just for you.