Medical-Grade Sensors
giving you Ultimate
control of your life.

Watch 2 delivers easy-to-understand information on critical aspects of your life. Its industry-leading features are empowered by a unique medical-grade, patent-pending fingertip sensor, with additional clinical-grade sensors.

Feel just right

VyvoWatch Generation 2 has been built to capture superior quality PPG signals, anywhere, anytime. Its patent-pending side sensors enable medical-grade measurements with improved data accuracy for Blood Oxygen measurements, Vascular aging, and ECGs.

VyvoWatch Generation 2 uniquely combines a wearable device’s convenience with continuous monitoring of body temperature, SpO2, Blood Pressure, and many other health and fitness parameters. And it’s all easy, convenient, and ready to take on life with you.

One tap to

You can make payments with just your Watch and VyvoPay Band and check out at virtually any NFC Contactless terminal payment worldwide. Learn more

The all-new hardware and increased anonymized data generated, your VyvoWatch Generation 2 provides you with a greater opportunity of earning VyvoToken. Learn more

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