VYVO™ WATCH Lite Edition

Step up into a new you.
Your wellbeing maximized.
Equipped with a new set of cutting-edge clinical-grade sensors, VYVO™ WATCH Lite is capable of conducting even more detailed measurements. The device presents its user with a broader range of thorough, actionable analysis and vital information. Along with its companion app VYVO Smart on your smartphone, it makes your data easy-to-understand, as well as provide you with comprehensive reports. These features allow your VYVO™ WATCH to keep up with your personal lifestyle, with continuous, real-time monitoring of your most important vital signs and parameters.

Moreover, thanks to the addition of a new Air Quality Monitor and Noise Recognition functions, VYVO™ WATCH Lite can now inform and warn its user about the conditions of their surrounding environment. If the air you are breathing is unhealthy, or if the noise levels you are exposed to are harmful, VYVO™ WATCH Lite will let you know.

VYVOWATCH Lite empowers you to take better care of yourself. All you have to do is wear it, and live your best life.



The new status symbol for your lifestyle.

Ultra-thin design and elegant style.
The curved surfaces incorporate the multi-function button well into the ultra-thin design.

In only 7mm of width, all the protective and informative power of this technological gem.
Starting with the first-generation devices, VYVO reinvented and improved their smartwatch concept by redesigning their devices with the future in mind. With its core built with the most advanced wearable technology on the market, its innovative design lends itself to display an outside that embraces the pursuit of perfection the screen, outlining its elegant design to fit discreetly and comfortably on your wrist.

VYVO™ WATCH Lite wants to become an integral part of every user’s life, being an ideal companion, even in the looks department. Thanks to its varied color options, whatever your style choices are, VYVO™ WATCH fits your taste perfectly and adds those finishing touches to your outfit with a bit of classy flair.



Top of the VYVO™ Technology.

Your money ready and safe on your wrist: VYVO™ PAY
VYVO™ WATCH Lite is equipped with an NFC contactless payment capability to pay quickly at any wireless point of sale. Easy, fast, secure, and convenient, no need to carry your wallet or cards when you go shopping. 

Big Data: BlockChain.
VYVO™ secures data using BlockChain Technology:
• Using your VYVO™ WATCH every day maximizes your wellness, fitness, and health while also enabling you to get rewarded for the data-blocks your device produces during the time it’s on your wrist;
• Your secured BlockChain data forms part of creating the first worldwide blockchain health platform for data exchange in the healthcare and medical research sector. 

Smart Alert and Guardian.
Help Vibration alerts notify you of running prompts, activity tracking milestones, and various smart notifications, like a reminder to take your supplements or medication. Smart Warning alerts you with a vibration when your bio-parameters: HR, BP are out of range.

10+ days of extended battery life.
• Activity tracking mode: 10+ days tracking.
• Full recharge in 120 minutes.

IP68 Swimproof.
With waterproof IP68 (50m), you can wear your device and swim whether you are in a pool or open water. Thanks to the swimming pool stroke count and pool distance, you can take your swimming to a whole new level and monitor your progress and performance in detail.

The water resistance performance of the device is not permanently binding; it may diminish as time passes. The device can be worn while washing hands, rain or swimming in shallow water, but does not support hot water showers, diving, surfing, deep submersion, etc.



Knowing your health is knowing yourself.

Stress is perhaps people’s number one enemy in this century, and finding ways to minimize it is the basis of living a better life. Increasingly, people are not doing enough to manage their stress. Meditation Training allows you to train your mind to reach a calm state that helps you to combat your anxiety and stress effectively. It alleviates dealing with stressful situations by aiding you in nurturing a more effective mental disposition. Enter the next generation of wearables, aimed at helping users find their calm amidst the chaos that often can be our modern lives.

Index details.
Wearing VYVO™ WATCH Lite every day allows you to have a seamless and continuous monitor, that records and analyzes resting and exercising heart rates, blood pressure estimation, breath rates, and energy levels.

24/7 Biometrics recording.
VYVO™ WATCH Lite can continuously and seamlessly monitor your Biometrics around the clock, 24 hours a day. With the real-time transmission of recordings and advanced algorithms to polish and analyze your heart rate signal and data continuously, you can rest comfortably, knowing that all your vitals are being analyzed and stored safely.

Continuous atrial fibrillation detection.
VYVO™ WATCH Lite uses PPG technology with high-frequency sampling to collect an accurate pulse waveform, which then is subjected to detailed data analysis and processing using medical algorithms to identify potential atrial fibrillations.

Mood and energy monitoring.
Learn more in-depth about what affects your daily physical state and mood. VYVO™ WATCH Lite monitors your energy level and disposition by analyzing your Stress and Mood levels. When you are equipped with this knowledge, you can easily take the needed actions (exercises, take supplement, pursue joyful activities, rest or meditate) to increase your mood and energy, and reach a healthful lifestyle that will empower every goal you set for yourself.

Dynamic Heart Rate monitor and HRV analysis.
Indicates your heart rate range and fatigue status and detects critical abnormalities:
• Real-time dynamic and continuous heart rate with atrial fibrillation detection;
• Heart rate zones.

SpO2 Measurement.
Thanks to innovative clinical-grade sensors, VYVO™ WATCH Lite is a pulse oximeter, and it can measure the peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) level with a non-invasive and safe method. You can continuously monitor the oxygen saturation, and prevent issues related to poor blood oxygenation.

Fall Detection.
VYVO™ WATCH Lite detects if you fall, and it can alert your emergency contacts, informing them about the situation and sharing your last known GPS position.

Bian Que’s Pulse Wave Diagnostic.
Check the continuous status of some of your organs and assist you in understanding how to improve your daily lifestyle and live a healthier life.

This feature is based on a unique diagnostic approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the examination of twelve meridians: a method to choose an emerging or relatively emerging pulsating vessel that is exemplifying or easy to inspect, among the twelve meridians and the Bian Que’s exclusive pulse examination of the inch opening (wrist pulse). The result of the Diagnostic is for personal evaluation only, and it cannot be used as clinical diagnostics. Diagnosis can only be conducted by medical personnel or physicians. Ref. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3942893/

Science-based assessment of Sleep Quality analysis.
VYVO™ WATCH Lite can track time in light, deep and waking stages of sleep, giving you further insight about your sleep quality, which is deeply related to your overall health and can have a severe impact on your pursuit of better care.

Sleep Apnea Detection.
People with sleep apnea syndrome suffer from complete or partial cessations of breathing during their sleep. It is the most common sleep-related breathing disorder, and recent studies have shown a high prevalence in the general population. Long-term sleep apnea has been shown to increase the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases.

VYVOWATCH™ became an accurate night guard thanks to the pulse oximeters and assists you with understanding what’s disrupting your sleep.

VYVO™ WATCH Lite helps you reduce these risks by continuously monitoring the variation in the SpO2 measurements. This helps identify and track the apnea episodes during sleep. If your blood oxygen saturation level drops below the normal threshold, you will receive a vibration on your wrist that indicates you need to change the sleep position to one that facilitates breathing.



You can now learn and exceed your limits!

Steps, standing and calories.
Accurately track all-day activities like steps, calories burned and standing time, and the vibration alert motivates you to move when you’ve been sitting too long.

17+ Exercise modes.
17+ Exercise modes to pick from and use according to different goals and measurements. You can set it to swimming, running, and many other modes to see real-time stats while you exercise. With Smart-Track, it detects what activity you are performing.

7 Running modes.
Freestyle, distance mode, duration mode, energy mode, fat burning, endurance, and CPET (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test), choose your running style and enjoy your journey of fitness.

Color run.
The screen lights up in rhythm with your pace, and the color display will change based on your heart rate value. Make your running safer, interactive, and more fun.

Oracle Index.
VYVO’s Artificial Intelligence, the Oracle is able to analyze your wellness and generate personalized and tailor-made solutions to improve and maintain your quality of life. This evaluation is based on the three main components; Technology, Genomics, and a personalized Assessment. All your information serves as essential data to create solutions that adapt and evolve with your current state, representative of your uniqueness and allowing a continued improvement with your own personalized Oracle Report and NutraPak™ supplement solution. Oracle Index provides you with a daily and constant source information that is easy to understand, tracks your progress, wellbeing, and keeps you engaged on all three aspects that determine your Oracle Index.

Lifestyle Index.
Lifestyle Index shows you a personalized index that combines all the bio-parameters components monitored by VYVO™ devices: wellness, activity, and mood. With your unique index, you can seamlessly track your lifestyle and improve on all the single components, day by day. Enjoy the power of knowing the impact of your daily routines with Lifestyle Index:
• Challenge your friends to maintain a better Lifestyle Index;
• Check the global chart of your friends and lead in several challenges;
• Share your results on all the social networks;
• Check the history of your indexes.

Air Quality Monitor.
VYVO™ WATCH Lite utilizes a superb network of public air quality sensors along with Artificial Intelligence Analysis to inform you of the Air Quality Index (AQI) of your surrounding environment. Protecting your long-term health and decreasing your risk of lung and heart disease, which is made simpler by reducing your exposure to poor air quality.

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Our dedicated VYVO SMART App offers you the best path to achieve your health and wellbeing goals, with an A.I. platform that makes it easy to receive and understand the impact of your biometric and vitals data in real-time with a simple click!

All your measurements accessible at any time within your app, always available for you to further understand and monitor your progress. A user-friendly interface allows you to get to all your information quickly, and it also makes it easy to share it with your doctor and your loved ones.

Thanks to the latest development and VYVO SMART Subscription program, you are also able to use two of the most impactful and important function: Guardian: allows you to set alerts to be sent when your measurements are out of normal range, either too high or low. The alerts are sent directly to your loved ones through in-app messages, email, and SMS. Keep your loved ones updated and lets them know if your measurements are not in an appropriate range; WeCare: a fantastic function that allows you to remotely check the wellness of your parents, friends, and loved ones. Allows you to monitor and check their bio-parameters remotely.