Vyvo Watch Lite

A sleek smartwatch that
gathers your vital signs and your
bio parameter data.

Equipped with state-of-the-art clinical-grade sensors, your feature-rich Vyvo Watch Lite continuously gathers your body’s data, monitors your vital signs, and it can let you and your loved ones know if it detects that you have a problem.

Wearing Watch Lite every day allows you to have a seamless and continuous monitor, that records and analyzes resting and exercising Heart Rates, Blood Pressure Estimation, Breath Rates, and Energy Levels.


Knowing your
health is knowing

24/7 Biometrics

Your Vyvo Watch Lite can continuously and seamlessly monitor your bio parameters every day, all day, even when you sleep. When paired with the VyvoSmart App, the real-time, secure transmission of your data allows advanced algorithms to analyze your data. So you can relax, rest comfortably knowing that all your vital signs and other data are being stored safely, and your reports are available whenever you are ready.

Continuous Atrial
Fibrillation Detection.

The capability of your Vyvo Watch Lite to support high-frequency PPG data sampling, combined with sophisticated signal refinement, further pulse waveform processing, and detailed A.I. analysis using different medical algorithms, allows the presence of atrial fibrillation to be determined. In addition to detecting fibrillation, using A.I., your Vyvo Watch Lite is also capable of detecting five types of arrhythmia.

Mood and Energy Monitoring.

Your Vyvo Watch Lite gathers data which is analyzed to determine your energy levels and disposition, and also to deduce your stress and mood levels.

Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor
and HRV analysis.

Your smartwatch detects your heart rate, combined with other data, to assess your Heart Rate Variability (HRV), fatigue status, and to identify critical abnormalities:
• Real-time dynamic and continuous heart rate with atrial fibrillation detection.
• Your VyvoSmart App displays your average, lowest, and highest heart rates.

SpO2 Measurement.

Using a sophisticated infrared (IR) and near-infrared (NIR) sensor that has been developed based on the PPG principle, your Vyvo Watch Lite provides results similar to a pulse oximeter but doing so continuously. This smartwatch continuously measures your peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels, making it possible to monitor any changes in blood oxygenation.

Scientific Assessment
of Sleep Quality Analysis.

Your Vyvo Watch Lite is so comfortable to wear that it makes it easy to track your sleep. The data it gathers provides information on the time you spend in various stages of sleep, such as light, deep and waking stages, as well as providing you with further insight into your sleep quality and ways to improve it. As your sleep quality is deeply related to your overall health and wellbeing, taking action to improve your sleep quality is a big step forward in terms of improving your self-care.

Bian Que’s Pulse Wave Diagnostic.

Check the continuous status of some of your organs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine methods and assists you in understanding how to improve your daily lifestyle and live a healthier life.

*The Pulse Wave Analysis function is only available by using an Android OS device.

Smart Alert.

Vibration alerts notify you of running prompts, activity tracking milestones, and various smart notifications, such as a reminder to take your supplements or medication.

SOS and Guardian.

The SOS function allows you to send alerts and messages in case of emergencies or panic situations. They are sent directly to your contacts, informing them about your emergency situation and exact GPS location. The Guardian function allows you to set alerts to be sent when your measurements are out of normal range, whether they are too high or low.

Fall Detection.

Vyvo Watch Lite detects if you fall, and using the Guardian alert feature, it alerts your emergency contacts, informing them about the situation and sharing your last known exact GPS position. Guardian alert only operates if your smartwatch is connected to a smartphone that has a mobile signal and an active data connection.


Exceed your goals now!

Vibration Alert.

It is easy to become sedentary with today’s lifestyles. Your Vyvo Watch Lite accurately tracks all-day activities like steps, calories burned, and standing time. The vibration alert even prompts and motivates you to move when you’ve been sitting still for too long.

Your Vyvo Watch Lite comes with a whole range of features to help you meet your health and wellness goals and improve your life.


The screen lights up in sync with your running pace. The color display changes based on your heart rate value, making your run safer, interactive, and even more fun.

8+ Exercise modes.

Your Vyvo Watch Lite comes with 8+ Exercise modes, and you can even set goals for each one. You can manually select your exercise mode and get your real-time statistics while you exercise.

Air Quality Index.

Vyvo Watch Lite utilizes a superb network of public air quality sensors along with Artificial Intelligence analysis to provide information on the Air Quality Index (AQI) of your surrounding environment. So, you can now make informed decisions when choosing from exercise indoors or outdoors.


Vyvo uses Blockchain Technology to secure all of its smartwatch data.

Generate rewards for the data you produce by just wearing your smartwatch. Vyvo smartwatch wearers receive tokens for every data-block they generate, and these tokens can be exchanged into your wallet, to pay for goods and services, and used to obtain discounts on Vyvo product.

Your money, safe and ready on
your wrist. VyvoPay.

Your Vyvo Watch Lite can be equipped with an NFC contactless payment capability (VyvoPay Strap), which enables you to tap and pay at any wireless point of sale. It is easy, fast, secure, and wearing your Vyvo Watch Lite means that you do not need to carry your wallet or cards when you go shopping.

Oracle Index.

Your Vyvo Watch Lite is a crucial component in gathering your data to generate your Oracle Index as part of your Oracle Report, which provides you with your personalized action plan to improve and then maintain your quality of life. Oracle, Vyvo’s Artificial Intelligence engine, receives your data from various sources, analyzes your wellness status, and generates your personalized and customized action plan for you to improve and maintain your quality of life.

Lifestyle Index.

Available on your Vyvo Watch Lite, Lifestyle Index is generated from your data gathered from your smartwatch. A personalized index that combines all bio-parameters monitored by Vyvo devices: wellness, activity, and mood. With this unique index, you can easily track and improve your lifestyle, day by day. You get to appreciate the impact of your daily routines on your Lifestyle Index.

IP68 Swimproof.

With waterproof IP68 (50m), you can wear your device and swim whether you are in a pool or open water. Thanks to the swimming pool stroke count and pool distance, you can take your swimming to a whole new level and monitor your progress and performance in detail.

Battery Life.

10+ days of extended battery life:
• Activity tracking mode: 10+ days tracking.
• Full recharge in 120 minutes.


The new status
symbol for your

Ultra-thin design
and elegant style.

The curved surfaces incorporate the multi-function button well into the ultra-thin design. Vyvo has reinvented and improved its smartwatch concept by redesigning Vyvo Watch Lite to accommodate its state-of-the-art Life Sensing Technology™ so that this ultra-thin, sensor loaded wonder fits discreetly and comfortably on your wrist.

In a minuscule 7mm of width, lies all the protective and informative power of this technological wonder. Your Vyvo Watch Lite will soon become your body’s monitor and protective companion – and it looks great too! With its varied color options, no matter what your style choices are, you will find that your Vyvo Watch Lite adds the perfect fashionable finishing touch to your outfit.

VyvoSmart App.

Our dedicated VyvoSmart App provides a simple path to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. The app is supported by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) platform that makes it easy to receive and understand the impact of your bio parameters and vital sign data in real-time, just by selecting the dedicated section of the app.

All your measurements are accessible at any time in your app so you can review your history and examine your progress. A user-friendly interface allows you to get to all your information quickly, and should you wish to share with your loved ones or caregiver, it is simple and easy to share over WhatsApp, email, Bluetooth, and other platforms.


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