Use Your Heartbeat To Mine Crypto!

Track Your Health and Receive Rewards.

How It Works

When wearing IoT Devices like a smart watch, large amounts of valuable health data are tracked.
By using our DApp, and binding your device to one of our Data NFTs, that same health data is encrypted and anonymized via our blockchain.
Once the data has been encrypted and anonymized, it is able to be sold via our Decentralized Digital Health (DDH) Platform and you are rewarded with our $VSC coin.

How To Start

Have a Wearable Device that is integrated with Vyvo Smart Chain. Current devices you can use are: Biosense, LifeWatch Gen 2 or LifeWatch Lite SE
Download the inPersona App and create an account. *If you don't already have an invitation code, please join our Discord or Telegram and ask for one.
Visit our store at m.inpersona.com in the app and purchase a Data NFT. Once you have your Data NFT, bind your device to it and you are ready to mine $VSC!

Download Now And Start Earning Today!

Our Products and Features

Data NFTs

Our Data NFTs bind with your health device and connect you to our blockchain.

Health Index (Beta)

Use your data to gain more insight to your personal health and lifestyle.

Node Validators

Strengthen the blockchain by running your own node. 44% APR and all handled in our app.

SocialFi Program

Want to help people get control of their health data? Our affiliate program rewards you for doing so. Get a Hub Console and become an affiliate today!

Health Devices

Ready to start taking back control of your data? Check out the Helo store and get yourself one of our compatible wearable devices!

Our Partners


Secure platform for Fiat and Crypto on and off-ramp solutions.

VeBetterDAO by VeChain

Incentivizes sustainable actions through it's utility token $B3TR. Start earning $B3TR with inPersona today!

Need Help?

For more information about inPersona, check out our info center. It is filled with information and also has a dedicated support team there to answer any tickets you may open.
For more general information and best practices, feel free to join our community channels and ask there. We have a supportive community full of people willing to lend a helping hand.