SocialFi Program

Ready to spread the word about Vyvo Smart Chain and be rewarded for helping others start their journey? Become an affiliate with our Hub Console and participate in our SocialFi Program!

What Is It?

Our SocialFi Program allows you to become an affiliate of Vyvo Smart Chain. The Hub Console allows you to share the app with others, help spread the message of our mission, and be rewarded for doing so.
The more people you invite that participate, the more rewards you open yourself up to receiving. Become an affiliate today and help us revolutionize the world, one heartbeat at a time!

Hub Console

Yearly Cost: $99
Number of Hubs: 2 (Hub A & Hub B)
Connections Allowed Per Hub: 100 (200 Total)
Reward Types: $VSC and $USDV

How To Use Your Hub Console

After purchasing your Hub Console via our store, your Hub Console will be active and you will be able to see your Hub A and Hub B. Here you can share your permanent invite codes or create single use invite codes to let others join inPersona and your Hub Console. All you need to do is provide one of your codes to someone signing up for inPersona and that's it! After using your code to sign up, you will be able to receive rewards via their purchases and the $VSC they generate. If you are passionate about being rewarded for your wearable health data, the Hub Console is a perfect way to spread the word and grow our community while getting rewarded.

A Look Into The Hub Console

The Hub Console Tab shows the current status of your Hub Console.
The Community Tab allows you to see your connection and community rewards. If you scroll down you can see all your connections and what Hub they are associated with.
The Hubs Tab shows the different stats for each Hub. This includes the number of connections, remaining slots, $USDV Volume and $VSC Volume.

SocialFi Rewards

Your Hub Console allows you to receive Connection Rewards and Community Rewards. These rewards enable you to get additional $VSC and $USDV.

Connection Rewards

These are rewards that come directly via the people that have signed up on inPersona using your invitation code. Connections are a part of either your Hub A or Hub B.

$VSC Rewards: Receive up to 25% of the Total $VSC produced by your connections. Your connections still receive their normal $VSC rewards.

*You are not taking away rewards from them, this is a bonus to you.

$USDV Rewards: Earn 10% from any purchase made by your connections in our store.

Community Rewards

These are rewards that come via your overall community. This includes your Hub Connections and any subsequent connections your Hub members may have. For example, if you have a Hub Connection who also has a Hub Console of their own, their connections get included when calculating your community rewards.

$VSC Rewards: Receive up to 10% of the Payable $VSC* generated by your community

*Payable $VSC = Hub A $VSC Volume + Hub B $VSC Volume - (Hub A Volume - Hub B Volume)

Your Payable value is calculated based on your Hubs using the following calculation

$USDV Rewards: Receive up to 3.5% of the Payable $USDV* generated by your community.

*Payable $USDV = Hub A $USDV Volume + Hub B $USDV Volume - (Hub A Volume - Hub B Volume)
**When $USDV Volume is being calculated 100% of product spending and 50% of Stake NFT spending are included.

Your Payable value is calculated based on your Hubs using the following calculation

Need Help?

For more information about inPersona, check out our info center. It is filled with information and also has a dedicated support team there to answer any tickets you may open.
For more general information and best practices, feel free to join our community channels and ask there. We have a supportive community full of people willing to lend a helping hand.