//Unlock the Web3
Manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices can integrate Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) into their products, adapting to the new decentralised market.
By integrating, manufacturers can incorporate Web3 capabilities into their IoT devices. This gives early adopters a competitive edge by providing their customers with enhanced offerings.
Manufacturers can even participate in partnerships with VSC, expanding revenue streams and strengthening their position in the IoT market.



//Integration Overview
SEAMLESS INTEGRATIONUse VSC’s SDK to implement directly onto any device. As device users receive rewards for participating, manufacturers take part in revenue sharing with 25% per data reward.There are two different types of integration:
  • Model 1 - No hardware modification.
  • Model 2 - VSC-PoSe Chip integration to device hardware.
HARD INTEGRATIONModel 2 - VSC-PoSe chip EnabledWearable devices with Model 2 Integration enables data security through the VSC-PoSe Chip via state-of-the-art 384bit Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption.
//Benefits of integrating
with Vyvo Smart Chain
001Capitalise on Web3
Vyvo Smart Chain helps manufacturers integrate their physical devices into the new decentralised economy, enabling participation in the Web3 space.
002Leverage the Web3 Economy
VSC’s infrastructure allows any IoT device to bridge to the new decentralised economy. Manufacturers also receive 25% of device users rewards.
003Secure data with Web3
Vyvo Smart Chain`s proprietary PoSe Chip encrypts data directly from the IoT device, authenticating the data from the source. Other additional enhancements can be added, such as NFC payments.
004Agile Web3 Adoption
Manufacturers can easily import an incentive program using white-label dApps through VSC developers, enhancing accessibility to the platform. Manufacturers can even add new products to their business and even create a proprietary token, if they wish.
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//Success stories
and case studies
Vyvo Smart Chain has already empowered IoT device manufacturers by bridging their physical devices to the decentralised economy.