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Mariana Krym's Call for Community-First Approach

Today, Mariana Krym, Co-Founder & COO of Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC), a HealthFi ecosystem that leverages Web3 technology to promote positive lifestyle habits, delivered her speech, “Girl’s to Grandma’s: Onboarding Women to Web3,” at Web Summit. The speech explored how a community-first approach changes gendered narratives around blockchain adoption. In her address, Krym emphasized the importance of diversity in Web3 and outlined practical strategies to onboard more women into the world of decentralized technologies.

Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference, hosts more than 70,000 people of all ages, demographics and technical backgrounds. The organizers only select a handful of presenters who embody cultures of innovation and technological advancement. As a representative of Vyvo Smart Chain, Krym was able to both champion the healthfi ecosystem and the underpinning blockchain technology.

Krym’s Speech tackled core concepts of web3 onboarding including:

The power of diversity in technology adoption Advocating a community-first approach Active listening The counter productivity of age-based assumptions The importance of inclusion

As VSC continues to expand its international reach, the company aims to improve onboarding and diversity initiatives. Through her speech, Krym was able to punctuate the need to remain open to an array of community voices.

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About Vyvo Smart Chain (VSC) VSC is a newly released purpose-chain. VSC is a HealthFi ecosystem built on Vyvo Smart Chain and supported by the VSC Foundation which promotes and rewards positive lifestyle habits through health data monetization while ensuring data privacy. VSC strongly believes that people should own their own health data and its value.

About Web Summit Web Summit is the world's largest tech conference, and it brings together more than 70,000 attendees from more than 170 countries each year. Web Summit is known for its cutting-edge content, its global reach, and its commitment to helping startups succeed.

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